Donate, Share & Save

By giving space through the platform, I aspire to give space to life itself to enhance the flow of the course of clothing… to write its own scripts through our own human stories… .in the occasion of a garment.

They give me a garment and I give one of my own; I get an experience and I give my own story. I become the link in the flow chain and

continuation of my story, of me, of yours and of all….

How will this be done?

Through the process

Donate -Share -Save

The process is simple and involves three stages while each participant will be a donor and a recipient at the same time.

First stage : Donate

Contact with us, on Facebook , Instagram, or sent us an email ( Donate one cloth of your closet, make   a short video, or an interview   that will be shown on the Immortaliting channel on Y Tube, through the online platform of Immortaliting, with the storytelling of the specific cloth. You can also send us photos, or your moto, or anything that characterizes you

Second stage: Share

 Share your story and the feelings you felt when you experienced it. Give us the reasons why you singled out the clothes you donate, to make his journey through time, give him good value as a carrier of your personal experience. Send your own message that you want to inspire the recipient’s life, and at the same time inspire all of us. Every person is important, and every story has lessons to teach us.

Third stage: Save

Save your own moment, your own story. At the same time, through the donation of clothes, you also help to save the planet by giving the garment its true value and dimension, through the extension of life and reuse.

The procedure is common to both the donor and the recipient

Anyone who is interested in receiving this particular garment can register.

The recipient should in turn become a donor, and follow the procedure as mentioned above.

The donor must ensure the very good quality of the garment he donates and has followed all the rules of hygiene, washing and care of the garment before sending it.

The shipment is financially charged to the recipient, and the process will be done through Immortaliting, to ensure the transparency of the process.

Each participant in the chain will receive an immortal ID that will provide him with benefits and discounts to partner organizations, stores, and services.



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